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Jiangbei, Chongqing



140 sqm



The approach of this project was investigative. We are trying to rebuild the the Chongqing neighborhood scene of the 1990s  by not only the past way of architectural appearance but also of human behaviors in it.  It is necessary to take observations and make assumptions about how the spacial connection and privacy levels influence the human relationships.



the work starts at the research of the Chinese neighborhood relations, the question is – what role dose the alley play in actual conditions of the neighbor community. Alleys originally came out as the purpose of being connection between households. In another way, the alley use to create a safe space for the local neighborhood, since people use to define the interpersonal closeness and make groups with others according to their distance and location condition.

In this project, we try to distinguish an exclusive zone for the people who live their life here. Respecting the current interior structure, we use a step to separate the corridor leading to each bedroom and the living room. Although this space is still open and accessible, the boundary made by the step still has special significance to improve the closeness between people who lives in the bedrooms and shares the same corridor.



In order to create a more comfortable, convivial and private atmosphere, the room is no longer the minimal space units in this apartment, instead of it, we intended to construct the apartment by full of the functional blocks: The spaces are required by the objects occupation and the participation of human activities. Meanwhile, space as a container for these objects and frequency human activities can also be shaped up as different functional blocks. The boundaries and the enclosures of the blocks is possible to give the users an impression of independence and privacy.



As a result, the apartment presents different private levels by the format:

the individuals in each block.

the groups who is sharing the same room space.

the groups who is sharing the corridor space of the apartment.

In fact, the privacy is an important factor affecting human relationships. In addition, the different privacy level can change the intimacy condition of the human relations too. It is conceivable to discover the intimacy level of the groups who are sharing the same room and the groups who are sharing the corridor is different. This phenomenon is an useful element to constitute the past neighborhood prototype, which is as important as the architectural appearance to rebuild the early scenes of 1990.



We try to form the familiarity by disassembling architectural elements, and then recombining and redefining them. The new architectural elements and the traditional materials or the new materials and the traditional elements are recombined to form the dramatic spaces to represent the familiar appearance of 1990s´ alleys where the client lived there as a little girl .

In addition, architectural spaces provide a space which satisfy people’s daily lives, so any scene is created by the combination of spacial appearance and also the human behaviors and activities which is occurred in it. The entire apartment space is like a drama that tries to convey not only the old architectural shape but also the old human behaviors and relationships. Such as the function and the appearance of the corridor in the apartment represent the earlier neighborhood of 1990s .